Top 5 Lead Generation Channels For Your Business

Top 5 Lead Generation Channels For Your Business

Welcome to the 21st Century way of lead generation! Right now if you are reading this you are probably in a situation where:

A) You have no idea where your next client is coming from.

B) You have a steady stream of clients, but you are looking to scale.

Don’t worry this list can serve either situation. Its nothing more frustrating that playing a guessing game of where and/or when you will see your next client.

lead generation frustrated

Sure you may have referrals (Which is ideal and are usually the hottest leads) , but depending on the service that you offer these may not come as frequently as you like. Not only that referrals are usually front-loaded more towards companies who cater to a local client base. So what if you want to take your business national?

Wherever you are, whether you are just starting out fresh ready to reach the masses or you want to rebrand and maximize your company’s momentum there is more than likely a few platforms on this list you can use to strategize behind.

Master one of these and you can reach a new market, master several of these and you can crush your competition under your feet.

Here are the Top 5 Lead Generation Channels for your business growth:


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization use to be a relatively unknown factor in companies growth online. Now don’t get me wrong anyone with common sense knew that to get the lions share of leads online your company needs to be place squarely on the first page for keyword results. With that being said did anyone really know how it worked though?

I mean seriously unless you worked for Google at one point the barrier of entry for a business to rank on page one was either seemed luck based or you basically had to spend your entire marketing budget to show up. Now we (Online Marketing Experts) have the keys to the castle and even with various changes to Google algorithms over the years one thing remains the same to rank higher in SERPS much like keeping your body healthier you need to appear ORGANIC.

Building brand recognition, thinking like your potential clients by targeting relevant longtail keywords, submitting your company to all the major citations (Manta, Yp, Yelp to name a few) targeting Google Maps. These are just a few factors in ranking your company and raking in more clients.

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

One of the lowest barriers of entry among any of these strategies, but don’t mistake that for low quality. Now don’t get me work we have all seen a few companies advertise online through Facebook or Instagram and it just seems like they are trying to bombard you with the sale. As I am sure you noticed you felt more compelled to scroll past these offers rather than even give them a second look.

Why? Social Media Marketing was designed to get people talking about and sharing your brand. Its all about going viral, sharing, and commenting. At its very core those are the three deciding factors on whether you have a successful campaign or not. The good news as I mentioned you can do this with little to no cost if you have the right amount of creativity. Even better news once someone is looking forward to your content you can connect a few other lead generation channels and drive hoards of traffic to your website directing people squarely to your offer.

Email Marketing

email marketing

What? Email Marketing? Isn’t that an old way of generating leads? The answer is NO email is still to this day the highest conversion rates of any online platform. Take a look at these statistics courtesy Leighton Interactive

Just to display one highlight of the article if you don’t have time to go to in depth. “Email marketing has an average ROI of 3,800%. For every dollar invested, the average return is $38. “(via Salesforce)

The problem is we often picture our own email inboxes cluttered with spam and offers we are not even the least bit interested in, but ask yourself this question. If your favorite place to shop right now sent you an email for 40% Off or Buy One Get One Free in the title, how fast would you open that email?

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

cost per click

Not to be confused with SEO РSearch Engine Optimization. This is a completely different beast, but think of it as a beast you can tame then train to devour your competition whole. This may not be an entry level platform unless you have a decent amount of money for trial and error, research,  and split testing offers. It involves purchasing ads and placing them in positions where you think your customers may bite. These are usually in the form of CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPA (Cost Per Action)

While the returns can be significant it can be expensive at first if you choose to take on this strategy without the assistance of a professional online marketer 

Usually they can put together a more in depth marketing plan that will allow for your ROI to produce optimal results.

Content Marketing

content marketing

For this strategy you are not leveraging your expertise in the niche that you offer,by presenting valuable content (usually at no cost) . This strategy makes you more an expert in the eyes of not only new clients, but your current customer base as well. Some of examples of this would be:

  • Blog posting (Your own blog or guest posting)
  • Creating Youtube/Vimeo tutorials or commentary
  • Creating a book or ebook
  • Writing a magazine article in a niche specific magazine (Home Improvement, Dentistry, Law)

Done right this can pair with any one of the other four lead generation strategies to maximize results.

Well there you have it now or course you can still use traditional marketing efforts and there are also about 14 other major channels that can be mastered. To find out what the best strategy is for you Click Here and tell us more about your business goals.