5 Things Your Responsive Website Must Have

5 Things Your Responsive Website Must Have

The year 2018 is coming to an end you have a website that could quite possibly be generating leads, but have you been prioritizing responsive web design? I mean really take a look at your site on the phone right now If you were a prospective client for your company whats your first impression? Remember be honest.

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If you one of the suborn many who think “Well I have a website online, that should be enough.” Well think again. Here are some numbers that should put in perspective the amount of traffic your company could be missing out on:

  • Facebook:  One of the longest running social networks from pictures of families to reviewing local businesses 97 percent of its monthly active users are using smartphones.
  • Twitter: Do you have a quick thought? Want to have your event re-posted over and over again? 85 percent of its monthly active smartphone users.
  • LinkedIn: The ideal network for B2B social networking if you have a service to offer avoid the gatekeepers easily. 65 percent of  these business professionals access LinkedIn via a smartphone or tablet.
  • Instagram: The place we know and love Facebook may have acquired this network, but they are two completely different user experiences. You dont have to say much because your pictures are worth 1000 words or they can also be worth a branding surge of traffic for your business. 93 percent of its users are using smartphone mostly due to the improvement in camera technology.
  • Pinterest: What a perfect social network to get ideas for things like holiday themed events, wedding parties, and home improvement ideas 82 percent of its traffic comes from people on smartphones pinning away.
  • Snapchat: Still a baby in regards to social networks its growing everyday with brands flocking here mostly targeting millennials promoting through live action clips. 100 percent of Snapchat users are out (or indoors) creating short video clips

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So I know what your thinking. What exactly does a this have to do with my website? Well besides the obvious which is the golden opportunity for your brand to reach millions of people and businesses worldwide, when have created your posts, you have the perfect offer or photos what are they going to see when they click your link? Lets say your website looks perfect on a desktop or laptop if the first time I visit your link is through my phone it looks like a jumbled; unorganized mess am I going to want to buy from you? Why should I value your service when you don’t even value your appearance?

I’m sure you know the answer to this question just think about you shop for products and services on a daily basis. The strongest sense is the sense of smell and since (alot of cents lol) we can smell products or services online sight is your greatest ally

Here are 5 things to consider when making sure your website is responsive across all devices:

  1. All images, videos, or animations look great on your smartphone or tablet
    When you are looking at images on your phone do you have to pinch them with your fingers to blow them up? (Barring that you have eyesight with a few challenges I know I do.) Does it look like the pictures were taken under water? Maybe im exaggerating, but you get the picture. Images need to be clear aligned and look like they belong there.
  2. Menu Structure
    Recently I redesigned a website basically because when you opened up the menu it covered the entire phone, no dropdowns and too many links to click. You simply cannot overwhelm someone with a cluster of links. It will essentially take them away from your primary offer and create a high bounce rate (customers leaving in droves).
  3. Large “Call Now” buttons on the website
    If you have a service based business this is a must have most iPhones in particular will allow you to click 7 digit numbers anywhere on a mobile website and shoot you right into a call queue, however I have seen multiple instances where either this wasn’t the primary call number or not a phone number at all. Why leave it to chance? There should be a button right in there to allow someone to reach out to you.
  4. Perfectly Aligned contact/quote form
    Honestly this may seem repetitive since we mentioned the call buttons in the previous points, but I have seen may contact forms on the phone that are misaligned confusing someone on if I’m entering my address or if that where my name goes. By the time the information comes to you (If this doesn’t turn them off.) you want to to be organized so that you can file it or transfer it to a CRM.
  5. Active Social Media Links
    Now this may seem like a no-brainer to most, I have seen so many website that when you look at them from a computer the social media links are lined up on the top, but when you open the same website on the phone the links are completely missing. If you take into account the numbers from our previous section, where am I more likely to want to connect to your social media links? You guessed on my nice $800+ iPhone or Android device.

If you have any questions about how to get your website redesigned to be responsive feel free to contact us anytime (984) 444-8895